Jamie Oliver

The things we do for kids assignments, Blue bread!

JUN 05 @ 08:49

by Birdymum

Among other things the bread is to gague reactions lollol to a variety of blue coloured foods all to do with an assignment that my daughter brought home. There is blue chocolate rocky road, blue lollies, blue drink etc. The audience is fellow class mates, wonder how this will all go, will they be brave enough to even try it? Hubby was very cautious when he first saw this food.
Firstlyshocked thenlol then finallythumbsup
It was very funny.lollolbig_smile

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JUN 05 @ 09:08

by JoyYamDaisy

Wonderful! I once made green bread at a school camp. Some kids wouldn't eat it! But everyone loved the green crumbs in the toaster!lol

JUN 05 @ 10:01

by Grandmadamada


JUN 05 @ 11:02

by mincepie

Yep, definatly a gag reaction! yikes

JUN 05 @ 11:07

by frizz1974

Nice one Birdy.. hope the classmates like it..

When I was in primary school the same 2 football  teams were in the grand final for several years running & it became a very big thing.. the biggest commercial bakery released team coloured bread.

You could get blue & white stripey bready or blue & gold stripey bread..

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