Jamie Oliver

black forest cupcakes.

JUN 05 @ 16:59

by Anna

For Nina to take to school. smile

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JUN 05 @ 17:04

by SonomaEddie

MMmmmmmmm  Wish I was in that class!

JUN 05 @ 20:36

by Grandmadamada


JUN 05 @ 21:52

by frizz1974

Oh wow.. yummo..

JUN 06 @ 07:56

by Luvmegrub


Had a fail with your Decadent Choc Cake at the weekend that I planned to take to a party.  Had to leave it in OH's charge to take out when the oven timer went but unfortunately it wasn't set in the centre, we love it gooey but it was too gooey and sank a lot. But win/win as we can eat it at home for puddingbig_smile

JUN 06 @ 18:15

by Madalina_B

Looks DELICIOUS, Anna! thumbsupthumbsupthumbsupsmilewave

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