Jamie Oliver

Chloe's quilt

JUN 09 @ 07:52

by janiz

This is the quilt which I have made for my G/daughter....I am pleased with the way it has turned out and I hope she will love itthumbsupsmile

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JUN 09 @ 08:34

by Pamena

wowww this is really amazing !!! your daughter would definetely love it!!!! thumbsupthumbsupthumbsup

JUN 09 @ 11:03

by Madalina_B

It's gorgeous, you are an artistexclaim thumbsup smilewave

JUN 09 @ 11:41

by mummza

That is so clever..what a lovely Grandma you are big_smile

JUN 09 @ 11:43

by Grandmadamada

troppo bella too beautifulthumbsupthumbsupthumbsupthumbsupthumbsupbig_smile bravissima nonna

JUN 09 @ 14:00

by Sandy

that is GAWJUS and your G/D will love it thumbsup

JUN 09 @ 18:00

by Kye

You are a poet and an artist, Chloé will be over the moonbig_smilewave

JUN 10 @ 11:16

by frizz1974

What a lucky little girl.. this could be heirloom material janiz.. well done!

JUN 10 @ 13:35

by BritFinn

That is so lovely!big_smile

JUN 10 @ 13:58

by runneralps

so nice.....

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