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Pataks Cooking!

JUN 12 @ 11:53

by Gravy Queen

I was thrilled to receive some Pataks paste to try in return for blogging about the dishes on here. What could be better? Thanks to Danny, Jamie and Pataks!!

When I was contacted I asked if I could have pastes without gluten in them and was very happy to receive the wonderful Tandoori paste and the gorgeous Rogan Josh paste.

I was also sent 2 recipes to try, which I was pleased about because i like to try new recipes. You can find the recipes here:
http://www.pataks.co.uk/recipes/marinat … ghurt.aspx
and here
http://www.pataks.co.uk/recipes/spicy-m … urt-sauce-(gushtaba).aspx

And so to begin my first recipe - nice bit of product placement here in this photo smile I like to get into my Jamie zone and prep everything I need to use first.  A lovely mix of ingredients here - the star of the show - the Pataks Tandoori paste, plus a nice plump chicken, peppers, onion and sweet potato, fresh mint from my garden and some nice fat free natural yogurt. I replaced the butternut squash with bushbok sweet potato - because - wait for this - my sons think that butternut squash tastes like "old peoples gums". Its rather worrying how they know this...................

Lets cook...

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