Jamie Oliver

Pataks Marinated Chicken - mint yoghurt

JUN 12 @ 12:17

by Gravy Queen

So, while my veg and my chicken sat happily in their Pataks marinades, I got on with making the creamy Mint Yoghurt which accompanies this dish.

I used fat free natural yogurt (saving all my calories for the wine while I cooked..), and mixed it with some fragrant chopped mint fresh from my garden (I feel like such a Domestic Goddess picking my own herbs, something strangely satisfying about it!), and then added some honey and some chopped coriander.

I wasn't sure about this, thinking it might be a bit sweet, but no, the balance was just right and it was the most delicious creamy dip, absolutely perfect with the chicken. I shall definitely be making this again, a great find. thumbsup

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