Jamie Oliver

Pataks Marinated Chicken - Finished dish

JUN 12 @ 12:23

by Gravy Queen

Here is my Pataks Marinated Whole Chicken, with Tandoori vegetables and Mint Yoghurt.
I was really pleased with this meal, it is indeed a great family dish, I added some biryani rice to it as well.

The smells while this was all cooking were tantalising! It tasted just as good too! The marinated vegetables were absolutely perfect to go with the chicken (ok I deliberately went for the charred look with the chicken.....) and the little creamy mint yoghurt was a delight.

All I can say is - Try it!! You won't be disappointed. thumbsup

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JUN 12 @ 14:59

by mincepie

Looks so good, wave

JUN 13 @ 00:47

by JoyYamDaisy

What a feast! I bet the whole house smelt wonderful!

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