Jamie Oliver

LuvMeGrub's Floral Cousin

JUN 15 @ 00:06

by JoyYamDaisy

My friend picked this flower for me and I immediately thought of you!smile
She asked for eyes so I gave them to her!
Do you think she wants carrot?

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JUN 15 @ 00:48

by Luvmegrub

It's so unusual Joy, what is it?

I'm sure she wants a carrot, wait a moment and I'll get one smile

JUN 15 @ 01:02

by JoyYamDaisy

I am so glad you like it LMG. It is the most enormous hakea/banksia flower! (Not sure which). It is just about as big as a football!cool

JUN 15 @ 04:22

by FlameRed

Gorgeous!!!  big_smile

JUN 15 @ 05:06

by runneralps


JUN 15 @ 09:07

by mummza

About as big as a football ... well then its much largere than luvmegrub than !

JUN 15 @ 10:13

by JoyYamDaisy

It's her BIG floral cousin!lol

JUN 15 @ 10:26

by Kye

Fluffy friendssmilewave

JUN 15 @ 12:34


This is great. I love it....  lollol

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