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Singularly Unmotivated At Times.

JUN 22 @ 02:06

by BoldKevin

I spent some of this evening watching Jamie's Food Revolution Hits LA and I was so inspired and encouraged by what I saw that I came and joined this site smile

As a father - albeit that my son is now a young adult - I am concerned about the effects of unhealthy diets and poor food choices on our children.  But my concern goes much further than that and comes from a place of personal sadness and regret.

I am 49 years old now and became seriously ill some years back not least of all due to my bad diet, poor lifestyle choices and unhealthy food choices.

The net result of all these factors was not only my hurtling into serious health issues including morbid obesity but also the breakup of my marriage and a serious downturn in my mental health.

So here I am today single, now living alone, since I have encouraged my son to build his own life not centered around me or my health issues, and some 28+ stone in weight.

I love to cook and yet seldom do cook because of either my low income, problems shopping, my bad physical health or indeed my declining mental health.

Due to my love of cooking I watch programs such as; Masterchef, Jamie's Food Revolution, Jamie's 30 minute meals, and Jamie At Home, (to name but a few) but whilst I am encouraged and enthused by them sometimes the obstacles are too great or the motivation far too small.sad

I would love to grow my own vegetable and herbs etc and indeed have enough garden space to do so but can't get down low enough to garden (or rather can't get back up again lol) and can't afford to create raised beds.

Cooking for one also has its own difficulties when it comes to motivation especially when sometimes it is all I can do to get out of bed due to my health.

I am sharing all this not as desire to say "woe is me" or to have a "pity party" but because whilst I do accept that my circumstances are a little extreme I wonder if there are other single or disabled or low-incomed guys or gals out there who face similar difficulties and challenges and if there is not a way that we can support and encourage each other?

If so, why not respond and let's all be there for each other and start a food revolution of our own in our own lives!


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JUN 22 @ 06:45

by JoyYamDaisy

Thanks for such a great introduction Kevin.
You will find there are a good number of people here that struggle with different health issues.
I was a healthy cook but still managed to get Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and often struggle to manage meals now.
I hope you enjoy the site, there is quite a community of regulars. I am sure you will find heaps that is useful to you, and you will be useful in turn!cool

JUN 22 @ 10:45

by Kye

Welcome Kevin, please join in the rest of the site, theres so many healthy foodies around so many ideas for youbig_smilewave

Just post your questions...if any.

JUN 22 @ 11:59

by BoldKevin

Hi Joy YamDaisy,
Many thanks for your response and the encouragements.

I was diagnosed with CFS way back in the 90's and so I feel for you and can certainly understand and empathize with what you are saying about struggling to manage meals now.

I know it is early days for me on this site but I am already enjoying it so very much.
Again thanks for the encouragements and welcome.


JUN 22 @ 12:01

by BoldKevin

Hi Kye in france,

I wanted to thank you also for welcoming and encouraging me.

I came onto the site late last night and so have had only a limited chance to check out the site but have already visited the forums and am enjoying those and will check out the rest of the site later.

Again thanks for the welcome and encouragements.

Kevin thumbsup

JUN 22 @ 18:35

by Kye


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