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This Soup Is Freezing!

JUN 22 @ 20:28

by BoldKevin

One of the main problems with folk like me who have long periods of poor mobility is that keeping a healthy diet, unless you have someone to cook for you, can be particularly difficult.

Because of my health there are days when it is all I can do to drag myself out of bed, let alone stand at the stove and cook myself a meal. 

Now if you are a single person and regularly unable to stand and cook it can (if you are not careful) lead you into the temptation of unhealthy shop bought ready made meals OR even worse the old takeout menu. sad

Thankfully, on the flip side, there are days when I can stand and cook albeit not for very long and so it made sense to me to look for ways in which I can cook meals when I am well and freeze them for when I am not well.

One way in which I think this is very possible and particularly simple would be to cook a selection of soups and freeze them.

What I am thinking of doing is choosing a selection of soups that have the same base ingredients but that can be varied by changing the core ingredient.

In this way, when I am well enough I can make a huge batch of the soup base and then separate into smaller pans and then make a few different soups from it by adding different core ingredients.

Hopefully by doing it this way, not only will I physically be able to do it as most of the work is done in one go, but I will also end up with a selection of various soups that I can freeze and simply reheat when I am too sick to cook a full meal.

What do you think?  Any one have any ideas or suggestions?
Many Thanks.


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JUN 22 @ 22:55

by Kye

Great ideas Kevin, i have a few ideas too and will be back, time to go to bed so ni-night to you smile and take care.

I don't think we have a soup thread on the forums ....so why don't you start one big_smilewave

JUN 23 @ 00:59

by JoyYamDaisy

We do have a soup thread!
Here it is
Soup's On

I do similarly BoldKevin. I like to make bulk and freeze portions. Not too much though or I get so sick of it. 6 or 8 portions is perfect. And then something completely different.

JUN 23 @ 01:55

by BoldKevin

Hi Kye and Joy,

Um I already started one.  As soon as I saw Kye reply I went and stated one called The Soup Kitchen in Food and Wine. sad

I am not sure what to do now.  I certainly don't want to offend anyone by repeating threads.


JUN 23 @ 02:14

by BoldKevin

Me again smile

Problem solved.  I went and deleted the thread that I had started.

Thanks for the info and the encouragements

JUN 23 @ 13:49

by MsPablo

Hi Kevin, welcome again!
I can recommend two tools to you, a mini food processor or a regular sized one, and a slow cooker.  I use the slow cooker for making Cuban-style black bean soup or split pea soup, and many other things.  I still saute a mirepoix on the stovetop, but it seems to control the mess and hassle to some extent.  Also, the pre-peeled carrots are a nice step-saver.  Hope you feel better.

JUN 23 @ 14:01

by BoldKevin

Hi MsPablo,

Many thanks for the suggestions.

I have often thought about getting a slow cooker but have never ventured to get one.  I think I will definitely do so.

I used to have a food processor but that went in the separation so yes I must get myself one of those too.  I have so far made do with a hand mixer and a hand held blitzer.

Thanks for visiting the blog smile


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