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Honey there's a Salmon in the Dishwasher!

JUN 23 @ 11:33

by BoldKevin

Here's an interesting idea for cooking Salmon that I am not sure too many people know about or have heard of.

How about using your dishwasher to poach Salmon fillets?

I know it sounds quirky, (hey I am nothing if not a little quirky) but it really does work.

Here's what you need...

[I have left the quantities out as it depends on the size of fillets you use and whether you use individual fillet servings or whole fillet servings.  So please use your own judgement accordingly]

Sweet Onions or Shallots
Salmon Fillets.
Fresh Dill or Parsley
Lemon Grass.
Water, Coconut Milk or White Wine.

Take some foil and cut squares big enough to FULLY and WELL wrap your fillets.
Very lightly oil the centre of the foil.
Thinly slice some onions and place on the foil. (Sweet onions or Shallots work best)
Take your Salmon fillets (de-bone them in necessary)
Rub with very little oil
Season both sides with sea salt and cracked black pepper.
Place on top of the Onions
Take some lemon grass, cut and bruise it and add on top of the fillets.
Add some fresh dill or flat leaf parsley on top of the fillets.
Thinly slice lime and place neatly on top.

Start folding the foil and when you have a pocket add about a teaspoon (for individual fillet servinfs) full of water, coconut milk or white wine before completely wrapping. [Add a tablespoon if cooking whole fillets.] 
Wrap well but not too tightly.  Ideally we want the parcel sealed and the fish held firmly but still able to breathe in there.)  [Not sure about a dead fish needing to breathe but hey you probably know what I mean]

[You can of course use your usual Poached Salmon fillets ingredients if you prefer and if appropriate.]

Place the wrapped parcels in a clean and empty dishwasher and put on a full high heat cycle (obviously without adding any detergent lol)

Depending on your dishwasher the cycle should take around 40 - 50 minutes and when removed and unwrapped (Please be careful when removing from the dishwasher) you should find the salmon perfectly cooked, very flavorsome and falling onto the fork to eat.

Why not give it a try?  Who knows you may get hooked (lol the Salmon probably was!)

Hope you like it!  Let me know how you get on.


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