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Linen tea towels

JUN 27 @ 02:35

by JoyYamDaisy

I am new to the delights of linen tea towels! For a long time I lived in shared households and with hand me down tea towels. When I began buying my own I worked out very quickly I wanted to avoid any polyester in them, and looked for pure cotton.
I knew linen teatowles were cosidered high quality, but I didn't know why ~  I had gone off linen after being exasperated by such easily crumpled clothes.

Recently I have had one friend educating me about patience with linen clothing (which means finding second hand linen clothes is a boon!) and another enlightening me on the quality of linen tea towels. She has just been given a glorious pile of beautiful linen teatowels that are really works of art. And so she kindly passed on to me a couple of the lovely teatowels she had made, as well as a large brocade one.

Now I understand! SO absorbent! Resistant to dirt and stains! (And better for the environment).
I love them!
Never too old to learn!whistle

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JUN 27 @ 07:28

by Grandmadamada

thumbsupbig_smile so true, I buy linen tableclothes for our family gatherings and for me, my joy of having them, from a stall of Polish coming now and then out of our village church with all sort of things, but the linen  kitchen towels and and are beautiful, I must walk the other side of the square otherwise I would buy one every time I see themwinkwave

JUN 28 @ 03:21

by Luvmegrub

Ok Joy, you've sold me.  No more $1.99 towe- fluff-shedding rubbish for me lol  I will have a little look in the sales and invest in a couple to match my kitchen.

That one is a lovely colour.

JUN 30 @ 06:21

by FlameRed

Hmmm.. actually I have a few but don't use them too often... will now track them down and use them.  Thanks Joy for the info... thumbsup

SEP 02 @ 09:58

by minerva

I've never seen so much excitement over a tea towel in my life................mind you, I wouldn't know where to buy one that wasn't cotton.
I suppose we can get them.................but I've never seen them.
Towels, tea towels, anything to dry anything.................it's cotton all the way here!

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