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Kids Cooking Club!

JUL 16 @ 12:31

by BoldKevin

Hi all,

One of the things that I have been thinking of since watching "Jamie's Food Revolution" and indeed something that has come up in reading and responding to some of the posts on the forums, is Kids cooking at home.

When my son was younger I used to teach him how to cook different foods.  His best friend come adopted brother also loved to join in as did other friends and we had a great time together and indeed I am very happy to say it is a love they still have today as young adults.

So it got me to wondering.  Why not get together with a few of the parents of your childrens' friiends and start a Kids Cooking Club.

Agree to only teach healthy recipes and the once a week or so take it in turns in hosting and teaching the kids.

I know my boys loved doing it and whilst both counter and oven space was certainly an issue, by choosing the right recipe and using the kitchen table as a counter we were able to have great fun.

It is also a great opportunity to teach kitchen safety and can really stand them in good stead for the future.  And who knows, it might even take on with other kids and their parents in the schools your kids attend.

Just a thought..

Kevin.  thumbsup

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JUL 16 @ 19:41

by BritFinn

Wonderful idea Kevin.  When we lived in England I started a cookery club in my childrens primary school.  It was hard work but a lot of fun too.  Sadly no one carried on with it after I left, so it's folded now.  Here people cook more at home, and grandparents are really involved so children get more opportunity to cook at home.

JUL 17 @ 12:20

by BoldKevin

Hi BritFinn,

That is great to hear but not so great hearing that no-one took it on after you left.

I think it is so important that families teach their children to cook.  It is so invaluable for later in life and so great as a bonding mechanism for kids and creates good and positive memories for when the parents and grandparents are no longer with them.

Kevin thumbsup

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