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Homemade Tagiatelle

JUL 17 @ 01:15

by SonomaEddie

Those basil leaves, plucked from a plant outside my kitchen door, just went into a pot of tomato sauce to steep.  Very simple and satisfying.  I love summer.

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JUL 18 @ 09:06

by mummza

Thats looking good .
Eddie , when we were in Atlana a few years ago , a friend of ours was growing basil and the plants must have been almost 3 foot tall and very bushy .
I was amazed as we grow such small weedy plants in comparison here in the UK.

JUL 19 @ 14:10

by SonomaEddie

They really do like the hot weather, Mummza.  I have some in a planter that need pruning right now.  These came from a little pot outside my kicthen door.

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