Jamie Oliver

Tagliatelle with Tomato Sauce

JUL 17 @ 04:01

by SonomaEddie

This reminds me so much of Sicily.  Picture it, a Sunday afternoon in Termini Imerese.  A long walk brings us to a little walk-up restaurant.  For some reason, spaghetti and tomato sauce catches my eye.  It was the perfect afternoon repast.  Simple yet fresh, balanced and tasty.  It's still my favorite way to have spaghetti.  (Pretty dam good with homemade tagliatele, too.)thumbsup

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JUL 17 @ 10:34

by Grandmadamada


JUL 17 @ 22:59

by MsPablo

Wish I was there in your dreamy memory . . .

JUL 19 @ 14:08

by SonomaEddie

Now there's a thought, Ms P.  Something for a sci fi movie.

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