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Muddy Puddle Chocolate Cake

JUL 18 @ 20:22

by minesamojito

I love cooking…..I love baking……


….I have a real blind spot when it comes to baking cakes (there i’ve said it!)

A previous cake baking disaster following a Nigella recipe has gone down in legend as “The Vomit Cake”

I can usually knock up a quick and easy chocolate mocha style cake, but proper cake making scares me…..

So with my son’s 2nd birthday party looming on the horizon, I was desparate to make a lovely chocolate Peppa Pig “Muddy Puddle” cake to make up for past failures.

I’d planned to make a chocolate cake from Pam Corbins wonderful River Cottage Cakes Handbook, until my wife pointed out that it had almonds in, and at least one of our guests was allergic to nuts.

So I scoured all my resources, and came up with this wonderfully simple recipe from Dan Lepard

http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/easy_ … hday_90089

And the resultant cake above was 2 quantities of this recipe.

After it all went down so well at the party I was very relieved, and felt that i may at least have started to work on this blind spot in my cooking.


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JUL 18 @ 23:46

by Despina33

That looks really well, you should be pleased!!! smile

JUL 20 @ 13:54

by MsPablo

Nice blog!  It's great that you got to meet Dr. Sweetsmoke.  I would definitely go out of my way to meet him and try some of his barbecue.

JUL 21 @ 14:27

by minesamojito

Cheers guys
Dr Sweetsmoke is a legend, had some of his delicious chocolate blondie pudding, just wish i could have hung around a bit more to try some more of his lovely food

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