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Muddy little fingers

JUL 25 @ 15:20

by minesamojito

I feel so very lucky that my parents have passed on a love of the outdoors, and gardening, I always had a little plot to call my own, usually never came to much, but the seed was sown.

I feel very passionate about my children being outdoors as much as possible (not that id lock them out in the rain/sleet/snow or anything) and that they have an area of their own, at the moment my boy, just turned 2, has made the vegetable garden his own, which is wonderful, this year hes learned to love radishes (he worked his way through a whole row and few made it back to the kitchen), know what snails and earthworms are, learnt how to make mud pies, planted seeds and most certainly learnt how to pick his own fruit (strawberries or beebies as he calls them) and veg (radishes, broadbeans and sorrel have been favourites).

Hes still only little, but hopefully he and his little sister will grow to learn about nature, and growing/cooking your own vegetables and food, for me this is one of the best things I could give them.

Theres lot of inspiration out there to encourage little gardeners to be, but one of the best resources ive found is Dawn Isaacs Little Green Fingers website http://littlegreenfingers.com/

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