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Update Time!

JUL 28 @ 17:26

by WheelieFoodChik

Hey, Y'all---
I figured it was time for an update. Where do I start? Garden News. My salad greens are doing well, just need to harvest some. My lemon basil has killed my oregano...the greedy lamp-hog! My lemon basil is also playing lamp-hog to the units behind it and beside it. In the pink unit..my grape molded so, I replaced it with a different eggplant species and restarted my tomato. I may try a different grape variety later, I haven't decided yet. In my blue unit, everything was a restart. I checked the unit today and my green bean may be a restart again since it sprouted without taking root. I also restarted my sugar snap pea after soaking it overnight, so we'll see how that does.  My other herbs in the green unit are relatively ok, I only had to replant my chives. My parsley and cilantro sprouted. Now, I just need storage for my harvest after drying. In my orange unit, my zucchini is still going strong, though my cucumber may need a restart. Finally, in the black unit...my watermelon is 6 weeks old, old enough to transplant, Though, I don't have a new home for it yet. The strawberries in this unit have also sprouted. I also finally have jug for premixing water and nutrients for feedings. Now, I just have to design and print a warning label for it. Since I won't need my watering cans anymore, I wonder who I can give them to. While I'm thinking about it, those adjustable racks can go too. I'm going to get some more of those storage cubes later and put that other cart somewhere else. My goals is to have everything I need for the gardens near the table. I'm kinda around the table and on the guest bed right now.
Everything I have active use for stays and whatever doesn't goes...unless I want to star on the next episode of Hoarders(and I don't).

Speaking of streamline processes, I am working on applying that to my whole life! I recently took a webinar at school called "learning effectively online". It basically taught you things like how to e-mail instructors when you have problems, being sure not to use "text-speak"; how to make a schedule and stick to it; how to stay motivated. I'm still working the kinks out of mine, however I'm gonna be using a online/offline approach to scheduling so I can't escape it. In other school news, I got approved for accommodations. I am supposed to get audio versions of my textbooks so I can listen as I follow along but there is a 2 to 3 week wait for that. I am still keeping up though...I also got my 1st assignment back, an "A". I got a discussion post due today and an assignment that due this weekend(I will knock both out today). In the meantime, I'm starting on my course project. We have to create an e-business plan, either revamp an existing business or create a new one. This time, I'm creating one thumbsup The outline for this is in two weeks but I want to be ready before I need it because this is about the point where things went bad for me.

In Health News, my legs have blown up again...so, I have been taking my edema meds. I didn't yesterday to give myself a break but I will today. I think I will schedule those for 3 to 4 times a week, 'cause they really had me hopping! I also need to get back into eating vegetables but I need recipes or something. I need to revamp old faves and add in new stuff if I wanna keep from getting bored wih food. I should probably update our staples, too....maybe include frozen fruit and vegetables in there. Low-sodium stocks and condiments, seeds for cooking & eating(flax, pumpkin, sesame...sunflower). I don't care if Ma picks on me for cooking from scratch...when my weight starts disappearing like Sophie's and she still has hers, she'll see reason!

It is so odd, when she was working, the family ate convenience foods all the time. Now, that she's retired, Ma still prefers the quick way out eventhough she obviously hates what it has done to her. I look at it like this: She just needs to work with me because I'm trying to help us both! I'm listmaker/stock girl and she does the legwork. One of these days, we are gonna have to sit down together and go over where she shops so I can put her a coupon binder together. I love my mom, I really do. I want her to have the successes that she wants and I want her to enjoy ours too. You would think that with the concern we have for each other, it would be easier to get on the same page.

This battle will have to be like the gardens, I see. She'll be resistant, poke fun, but see that I'm serious about this change. With the schedule, pantry overhaul, the frozen fruits and veggies always on hand, and the wheelchair scale(yes, I'm looking into it), I have truly gotten tired of being this way.

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