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I dream of iPad2 w/a pink poly cover

JUL 31 @ 01:22

by WheelieFoodChik

Hey, Y'all---
I'm really excited today! I'm a step closer to getting an iPad2. I know it sounds like bragging, though I don't mean it to. It is just that this device will mean so much for me. Finally, I have a better way to use my eTextbook and I don't have wait until next quarter. Ugh, such a relief! I know that I am in the process of have my text converted but by the time that is done, I won't need that book anymore. Besides, I have to get moving on the course project and I need the text for reference as I work the sections.

On the fun side... no more borrowing Ma's camera! Yay! So, the next collage on my blog will be made with pics from my iPad2...I'm hoping. Also, I might do vids of my cooking experiments too.
With my iPad2, I can rejoin Avon or start some other business and run it from this one device(backing up my data regularly, of course).

On the mechanical side, I won't have to fumble for a place to charge my chair while I work. When I'm tired or the powerchair needs charging, I can lay down, plug the chair in to charge, and have a way to still work.

I'm still looking into some extra customization on SkinIt but I can't wait!thumbsup

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