Jamie Oliver

Padron Chilli Roulette

AUG 03 @ 00:03

by minesamojito

I managed to acquire some Pimientos de Padron, the Spanish Tapas chilli from the South Devon Chilli Farm http://www.southdevonchillifarm.co.uk

I tasted these for the first time last year, and they are not too easy to get hold of, I’ve even tried to grow my own but they slugs took a liking to them and sadly decimated my seedlings.
These are a mostly mild sweet chilli with roughly 1 in 10 being an awful lot hotter, so it really is Russian chilli roulette when you eat one.
I dressed them with olive oil and sea salt, and cooked them on my tuascan grill over red hot embers until they charred and blistered.
Then it was a case of get stuck in and see who got the hot one!

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