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Rare Breed Mojo Pork Tenderloins

AUG 08 @ 12:40

by minesamojito

I was given some wonderful pork tenderloin from Pitmans Farm, this was from their wonderful Berkshire pigs, this much underrated pork is known in Japan as Kurobuta “Black Pig” and is prized alongside Kobe Beef and Bluefin Tuna, so I was very excited to get cooking with the tenderest cut of this wonderful meat.
I made up a Mojo style marinade with lots of garlic lightly browned in sunflower oil, and deglazing the pan with lime juice and adding seasoning and some oregano. After this cooled, I marinated the tenderloins overnight.
I made the grill up with a chimney starter of charcoal, and set the Tuscan grill to heat up over the top.
I put together some onion lollies, slices of onion skewered to hold them together, some local stout sausages and also had some extra Padron peppers to grill.
The tenderloins took 4/5 mins a side, and the tuscan grill gave them some wonderful charred grill lines. They were cooked until just slightly pink and then rested for a few minutes before slicing against the grain.
Served with fresh out of the oven ciabatta and freshly dug Maris Piper spuds covered in butter and dill, made for a feast. The tenderloins were full of rich pork and zingy mojo flavour and were melt in the mouth tender.
If you get the opportunity to try some of this rare breed pork please give it a go, it’s so far removed from the tasteless amss produced pork from the supermarkets.

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