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Vodka spelled with a 'W'

AUG 08 @ 18:27

by MsPablo

A Russian brand . . .

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AUG 09 @ 07:27

by Luvmegrub

wery nice MsP big_smile  I'll have mine with cranberry juice please.

AUG 09 @ 17:07

by minerva

Ah, see the problem with this is that it's all in that "foreign" lingo from "the old country"!
You wouldn't want anyone to think you were a "visitor" would you?
Tell you what..................soak off the label & stck on a nice new one with a "V" instead of a "W", & no-one will ever know!
Last thing you want is authenticity! whistle

AUG 16 @ 15:16

by Grandmadamada

thumbsup I big_smile I have just bought some pure linen kitchen towels with wonderful colors and waving, from a  of Polish couple whe open their stall once a month in my village, if I remember well they have printed the names of the days with a russian (??) spelling  ............... and I can recognize friday matching it with the fish beautifully floating winkwavewave

I like this pic

AUG 16 @ 19:32

by MsPablo


AUG 20 @ 18:57

by minerva

What you need Mada is a nice one which says "Wodka" on it & a good recipe for a "Black Russian"......
.....goes down a treat with fish on a Friday!

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