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Summer Dining special case from Naked Wines

AUG 09 @ 15:56

by Danny

Hi everyone,

Over the last 3 - 4 months I have really gotten to know the folks from Naked Wines and also find out more about what this great company does and what it stands for. Over Easter I visited the O'Connell family who own and run O'Vineyards in Carcassonne in France. I learnt so much about how Naked Wines supports small independent wine producers and the ethos behind the company. When I was there I met a lovely chap - Benjamin Darnault. Ben works with local family run wineries in the region to produce top class wines that are available on Naked Wines. The families have not realised that the grapes that they produce vary in quality and often they have been taken advantage of in their business dealings. Ben works with the families and they take the better quality grapes to make top notch wines. I tried some when I was there and they are excellent indeed!

Ben's wine features as well in a Summer Dinning case that we are promoting here on the site.  We have paired the wines with some of Jamie's lovely summery recipes and Recently we invited Eamon and Tara from Naked Wines to have lunch with us to try the wines. I cooked some of the recipes and it was great to find out more about them and also the wines that we on offer.

Rowan and Fran from Naked Wines have also been amazing as each time I hold a Supper Club for this year's Fifteen London New York marathon runners they send a case of wine. We so appreciate this as Fran always matches the wines with the menu and it means that we have more money going back to Fifteen. Tara has written some tasting notes for the wines. More information on the promotion for the Summer Dinning case will be available here on the site soon.

Thank you Naked Wines - here's to getting outside and enjoying some good food and wine with friends and family.

Castilo de Tafalla Rosado
•    It’s perfectly acceptable to drop a couple of ice cubes in your glass of rosé in the summer to keep it cool
•    Don’t be put off by a colour of rosé – the majority of them are dry and not sweet
•    Men can drink rosé too – Ernest Hemingway, the man’s man of them all, was a big rosé drinker! Plus if you wear pink, why not drink pink!?

Il Barone Pinot Grigio IGT
•    Pinot Grigio is the ultimately easy-drinking thirst quencher. It’s refreshing, light; it’s summer in a glass.
•    Always good to have a few bottles on hand for unexpected guests, and great value means this is always possible

Benjamin Darnault Minervois
•    Minervois comes from the up and coming Languedoc region, forget your Bordeaux, this is the most underrated, undervalued region in France.
•    Believe it or not the wine can be drunk slightly chilled, if it’s a really hot day, stick this in fridge 30 minutes before serving for the ultimate refreshing red wine

Canepa Novissimo Cab Sauvignon
•    Best leave open for a couple of hours before drinking – if you don’t have a decanter at hand try a jug/pitcher or simply leave open for a few hours
•    Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the best grapes in the world – used in top Bordeaux – this is full-bodied and intense, not for the faint-hearted!

Villebois Loire Sauvignon Blanc 2010
•    The Loire is the home of Sauvignon Blanc – this is the style that made New Zealand so famous in the first place
•    The locals have been munching goats cheese for centuries – and washing it down with Loire Sauvignon Blanc. It’s the ultimate food/wine match

Kimbao Sauvignon Blanc 2010
•    Chile is probably the best value wine country in the world
•    Here you’ll get cool-climate, refreshing Sauvingon Blancs, just like New Zealand but at half the price

Castillo de Tafalla Angel’s Selection Merlot 2010
•    Incredibly easy drinking, soft and plummy, Merlot is the most popular grape in the world
•    Merlot, like most red wines, is good for you – it contains plenty of resveratrol, which lowers cholesterol and helps you live longer (if you believe the French!)

Mauricio Lorca Lirico Malbec Syrah
•    Malbec is the soul of Argentina – it’s dark, smooth and silky
•    Syrah (or Shiraz - it’s the same grape!) is usually powerful and spicy

Check out our Summer Dining wine recommendations and recipes

25% off a lovely summer case available now!

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AUG 09 @ 18:12

by mummza

I always find that Naked Wines are a really helpful and easy company to deal with  .
I have had some really lovely and reasonably ( for the UK ) priced wines from them.
I am not much of a drinker but dispite this I am what is called at Naked Wines an 'angel' this means that I pay a small amount every month to the company and then when I order wine I get a percentage of the cost of the case retured to me into my Naked Wines account.
This is a great system as it means when there is a special occasion you know that the wine has already been paid for or almost paid for depending how much funds are in the account.
I also get insentives such as a free bottle or bottles of wine to tempt me ( or in my case remind me !!) to order.

Thankyou Naked wines thumbsup

AUG 12 @ 22:02

by @nGoose1

Odd one for me as I had to give up alcohol and drugs, for evereyone, not just myself. However cooking with dodgy or poor quality alcohol shows up and ruins the food. This considerd I take an interest in tasting notes of any alcohol. I have to go of other peoples opinions, for some one as self opinionated as me, thats a tough one.
I would like to see less wine used in British cooking. We have the best ciders and ales Whisky  in the world and should be shouting about it. Venison in a whisky sauce not red wine.
Saying that wine is to be used, so the notes above are a help.

AUG 13 @ 16:59

by mummza

Goose , Britain also produces wine and the vinyards are as far as I know increasing.

AUG 28 @ 13:40

by minerva

I want to know why there isn't a designated thread/sticky for the various wine reviews we members do from time to time?

Unless they are blogged (& therefore scattered all over the place) they disappear without a trace forever.

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