Jamie Oliver

Pizza Second Time Around

AUG 19 @ 03:47

by SonomaEddie

Made dough for pizza the other night and put the rest in the fridge for a few days.  It's even better if it's had a chance to sit in there and get happily fermented.  Taste and texture so much better than the first time around.  Topped with sauce (made of passato, garlic, evoo, Calabrain chilis, basil), homemade pancetta, dried oregano from last year's garden, smoked mozzarella and sliced crimini mushrooms.

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AUG 19 @ 21:55

by Ashen

that looks amazing Eddie..     Have you tried any  of the high hydration long ferment pizza doughs yet?  They are hel to work with when making the pizza , but if you have a hot oven you can get that thin chewy bubbly dough  that is so hard to find.

AUG 20 @ 13:33

by SonomaEddie

No, I haven't, Ashdude.  I'm not familiar with them.  Do you know of a recipe?

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