Jamie Oliver

Mile-high Apple Pie

AUG 20 @ 04:01

by SonomaEddie

It's Gravenstein season again and I've been busy drying, eating and making (and freezing)  filling for my apple crostatas.  But couldn't let the season go by without a good old American apple pie and one loaded with apples as well. (And yes, it is sitting on the washing machine.  lol)

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AUG 20 @ 13:35

by Grandmadamada


AUG 20 @ 13:39

by mummza

looks like an awsome apple pie Eddie thumbsupbig_smile

AUG 20 @ 19:46

by Madalina_B

Mmm! Looks delicious! thumbsup smilewave

AUG 20 @ 23:42

by SonomaEddie

Thank you all.  It turned out well.  Was good and just had one piece last night.  Going to try and get our dinner guest to take a lot of it home with him tonight.

AUG 22 @ 07:19

by Luvmegrub

yum yum yum, I think I can smell it Eddie lol  I would love a massive slice drowned in custard mrgreen

AUG 23 @ 02:07

by MsPablo

That's a big pie eddie . . . would love mine ala mode.

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