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AUG 20 @ 23:36

by minesamojito

With only a small kitchen garden, I feel there’s little value in growing vegetables that are cheap and easy to buy from a good vegetable shop, so I like to grow things that are slightly unusual, expensive or difficult to store.
This year instead of growing standard courgettes, I decided to grow Crook Neck Squashes which were promised to be more productive/tasty/useful than your standard courgette. With this they appear to have succeeded, though they are certainly visually an interesting shape.
The other unusual vegetable picture here is the Acocha ‘Fat Baby’, a relative of the cucumber, and tasting somewhere between a cucumber and a pepper, it is an extremely productive and vigorous climber.
So for our meal this evening, I wanted to come up with a way of using these vegetables in a meal entirely picked from our kitchen garden.
So to bulk out the meal, I used some Cavalo Nero (Tuscan Black Kale), Maris Piper Potatoes, and Onions and Garlic all picked from the vegetable garden, in the following recipe from the Riverford Cookbook.
Fry off a finely chopped onion, some garlic and chorizo in a little olive oil in a large frying pan until colouring, and the lovely juices from the chorizo are melting out, then add some cubed cooked potato, and some lightly steamed kale, and saute until the potatoes start to crisp up and season.
The Acocha and squash were sauteed with finely chopped garlic and olive oil.
The evening was lovely and sunny so we enjoyed the meal outside with a nice glass of Chilean Pinot Noir.

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AUG 21 @ 05:19

by Grandmadamada

che meraviglia pic recipe and your dreamlike outside meal thumbsupbig_smilewave

AUG 21 @ 06:37

by Ashen

Great picture and the food sounds even better. cool

AUG 21 @ 07:06

by minesamojito

cheers guys, could only put the one pic here, if you want to see more of the food have a look at my blog
http://countrywoodsmoke.wordpress.com/2 … -beholder/

AUG 21 @ 16:08

by @nGoose1

I agree superb photo, great phillosiphy.

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