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AUG 22 @ 04:53

by AshleyA

I've become obsessed with kale lately. In addition to my crazy green drink (http://bit.ly/crazygreendrink), I've been chowing down on this kale salad: http://epi.us/yumkalesalad. I've made it four days in a row and just can't seem to get enough of it. I even converted it into a main dish by cutting up some chicken and mixing it in. The only thing I would change about this recipe is to add more lemon for a little extra bite.

Perhaps the best part of this recipe is that it can convert into a warm winter salad by steaming the kale. I'll look forward to trying that out when the weather cools down. Till then, this raw version has been my main summer jam.

Do you have any recipes you've made over and over again this summer? Let me know in the comments. Clearly, I need to add some variety to my menus. smile

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AUG 23 @ 00:25

by @nGoose1

Kurly Kale, its the trip! We have Sea Beet growing on our coast , similar gig, think spinach times two.
I love chopping cooked Kale in to mash potato , loads of butter/ cream salt pepper. I believe the Italians do amazing stuff with Calvo Nero, perhaps some ideas from their.
I remember doing a sea beet and spider crab soup once, that rocked! As does everything chef  Mark Hix comes up with. not sure if it would work with Kale .

AUG 23 @ 01:58

by AshleyA

Sea beet and spider crab soup sounds delicious! I think the closest we have to sea beet stateside is swiss chard or plain old spinach. I adore calvo nero (black kale here). It can be a bit more of a challenge to find, but totally worth it. Thanks for the ideas!

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