Jamie Oliver

Tarte au citron

AUG 26 @ 10:05

by Captain C

After watching the great British bake off, I am going to try and get into baking, never made pastry before, this was my first attempt. Slightly over done on the edges, but it tasted really good

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AUG 26 @ 10:58

by Ashen

that looks great Cappy..    My wife makes a lemon tart that looks similar to that and it is very tasty

AUG 26 @ 12:58

by Julian

Looks really good first attempt,i am entering for the next series of the great British bake off,so i have massive amount pratice to get in.

AUG 26 @ 14:09

by MsPablo

That looks great Cap't!  I love a lemony tart.

AUG 26 @ 16:11

by Grandmadamada

bravo Capitanothumbsup

AUG 26 @ 18:35

by mummza

yum yum yum ...looks good to me .thumbsup

AUG 26 @ 18:39

by maddimouse

Where is my piece???? tongue

AUG 28 @ 13:44

by minerva

Did you bake the pastry "blind" first to get it crispy?
If so, cut a bigger circle of greaseproof so it protects the pastry from browning so much.

AUG 30 @ 10:08

by Captain C

I did bake it blind Minnie.

You spotted my error, Mary Berry wouldnt of had my guts for garters.

I will follow your advice next time, hopefully going to have a go at banoffee pie after checking DB's blog thumbsup

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