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My First Chicken Biriyani

SEP 03 @ 03:57

by SonomaEddie

Got this recipe from Suvir Saran's first book, Indian Home Cooking.  Different from a lot of recipes I've seen around but I really liked it.  Made a raita of yogurt, tomatoes, red onion, chilies and mint.
Also, in this and some other recipes, he uses whole spices the texture of which I have come to like.
You get a nice crunch but not a big burst of flavor as most of it has cooked out.

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SEP 04 @ 08:19

by mummza

How did you cook it Eddie ?

SEP 04 @ 15:24

by SonomaEddie

I minced onions , garlic and ginger in the food processor, fried some whole spices and then added the onion mixture and fried it all until brown, added ground corriander and cooked about a minute or so. Then added yogurt a little at a time until evaporated.  Added chicken and cooked until just opaque and then added water and covered for 5 min.  Then added garum masala and cooked a few minutes and finally added cream.  Then did alternate layers of basmati rice and baked it in the oven.

SEP 05 @ 00:16

by JoyYamDaisy

How yummy it looks.
(At first I thought the raita had a cherry on top, but now I am thinking tomato or a very impressive piece of chili!)

OCT 30 @ 23:32

by Spirit of Jazz

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Jamie Oliver, you want to be like him? I’ve seen him with my own two eyes, man’s a genius! Cooked like that pan was on fire.
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