Jamie Oliver

Plum Pie

SEP 07 @ 17:21

by MsPablo

This is a gluten-free plum pie made with large black plums and marzipan.  The dough is a little rough-looking because I didn't trim it evenly and some of the edge was thicker than needed.  It looks dark on the edges, but it was not over-cooked in taste or texture.  It was delicious and easy to make.

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SEP 07 @ 21:07

by Grandmadamada

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I have just asked for it on the posts mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmthumbsup

SEP 07 @ 22:44

by janiz

Looks wonderful!!

SEP 07 @ 23:06

by MsPablo

Thanks to both of you!  I am really not much of a baker.

SEP 08 @ 03:55

by frizz1974

did you just blobs of marzipan to the top of the fruit before baking?

Im not sure if I like it or not?

Isnt it some sort of almond paste?

SEP 08 @ 07:50

by oliviascotland

That looks really impressive, MsP - I know how trickly gluten-free pastry is to roll out lol

SEP 08 @ 15:13

by MsPablo

Frizz, it is almond paste.  Yes, I just put pieces all over the top of the plums and tucked in around them and the marzipan melts into the pie and blends with the juices.  I like marzipan, especially when it is part of another pastry or dessert.  I'm not sure if I've ever eaten it on it's own, but have seen it in the shops made into cute figures, especially in Holland around Christmas-time.

Olivia, I know!  I must try some of your special dough recipes.  You get such beautiful results.  I used Pamela's this time, a brand you introduced me to a while back.  I've been very pleased with the pancake and baking mix and in this application, the bread mix.  I haven't made bread with it though.

SEP 11 @ 03:15

by minerva

Marzipan also works with Peaches, with Apricots & also with Cherries.............if you crack open the kernels of the first two & eat the bit inside..........it tastes Almondy............so using Almond Paste (ie marzipan) mimics a base flavour that is in the fruit anyway.

SEP 11 @ 21:20

by MsPablo

That's a good point minerva.  I've heard of using cherry pits to add flavor to a dish (removing them before eating, of course).  I love the flavor of almond with many things.  The pastries in Scandinavia that had a marzipan layer were my favorites.  I'm so glad I indulged those little cravings and whims now!

OCT 11 @ 15:53

by pbld

Pie look fabulous - going to give a try this weekend. On another point, Ms Pablo - I have a daughter who wants to train as a patissiere in France (she has fluent French). Can you recommend any schools or places to do apprenticeships?

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