Jamie Oliver

Daughters first attempt at ribs.

SEP 08 @ 07:41

by dmfootycoach

Must say I was impressed when I just turned her loose with all the ingredients. No longer will I cook ribs while shes still at home!!! thumbsupthumbsup

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SEP 08 @ 09:03

by Ashen

those look pretty awesome dm cool

SEP 08 @ 09:04

by Grandmadamada

thumbsup bravaaa she must have had a good teacher to inspire herbig_smilewavewave

SEP 09 @ 05:21

by dmfootycoach

I'll let her see both your compliments before she goes to school in the morning. I really want her to experiment and not be afraid of trying new things. On an embarassed note though she busted me with the quality of ingredients. Fourty Creek over Canadian Club why would I not drink one yet cook with the other!!help I've been busted!!!!lollol

SEP 09 @ 10:17

by Ashen

I'm a forty creek fan all the way..  I love the barrel select. .. I am slowly working my way through a bottle of double barrel reserve my wife bought me for my Fortieth birthday. cool

SEP 10 @ 03:18

by dmfootycoach

You're a spoiled man my friend. Brag to me about how good it is till I find me a bottle. My daughter says thanks for the compliments. Hopefully whens shes old enough she can join me on here and show her old man up with her ability to cook.

SEP 10 @ 16:29

by MsPablo

Beautiful ribs!

OCT 23 @ 03:44

by Kiwi Kris

Well done to your daughter; DM!! thumbsup
A bit late in my reply tho sorry....have you all enjoyed a few more BBQ yummies - cooked especially by your sweet girl since?! smile

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