Jamie Oliver

The best Barbecoa restaurant in Valencia

SEP 08 @ 12:54

by Dave Barker

I have been to this restaurant for the last 2 years running now! whenever I am in Valencia I eat here now.... The meat is the best i have ever tasted!... everything is cooked over fire... no electrical equiptment in sight!

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SEP 08 @ 19:19

by @nGoose1

Sounds Amazing, I love Spain, it has been a while since I was last in Spain. My girlfriend and I have been to quiet a bit of the country. Not Valancia though.
I watched some of Great Escape (Gordon Ramsay)on T.V. I forget where, but nearly all cooking was over coal, not electric ovens, for sure. They were producing amazing food.
Jamies last show also focused on this style of cooking. Superb results, I almost ate the T.V. My  Steak at Jamies new restraunt was from a fire, one of the best steaks I have had for some time.

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