Jamie Oliver

Two for the price of one!!!

SEP 08 @ 18:22

by sagraincasa

With  the great success of the ravioli dish I made the other day tongue, I thought it would be a terrible shame not to  use the same ingredients: figs, hazelnuts and Pecorino cheese for another recipe and came up with the idea of a  FAST appetizer  ,because frankly ... making home-made ravioli  is not something you can do in two minutes ... even if you only need two minutes to eat the dish once  servedtongueuke:whistle! So here's a quick alternative : a nice and easy Bruschetta with the addition of Prosciutto ham , to be complimented, of course, with a good glass of red wine thumbsup.  Ciao for now,  I'm going to pick more figs from the tree to make a fig jam ... ... ..wavewave

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