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My first food blog

SEP 09 @ 05:27

by dmfootycoach

Serbian Chicken Bundles changed up with smoked gouda. Still rubbing my belly with pleasure. Finally I post one where I actually made it.lol

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SEP 09 @ 07:20

by Grandmadamada


SEP 09 @ 15:08

by MsPablo

Very nice!  I have some smoked gouda, thanks for the idea . . .

SEP 09 @ 18:02

by BritFinn

Looks lovely, I like the skewer of little tomatoes!thumbsup

SEP 10 @ 03:33

by dmfootycoach

LOL!!!  BrittFinn At my house we call them Bubba candy! Sweet 100's. Tossed them into the Morrocan Grilled Pepper salad. Normally I grill them till done and eat them while dinner is cooking.!!! But the wife said they would go nicely so I had to dream this day.

SEP 10 @ 13:39

by Grandmadamada

Morrocan Grilled Pepper ??roll You hide us too many recipes dmfwinkhmm

OCT 23 @ 03:49

by Kiwi Kris

Mmmmm! BBQ chicken & tiny tomatoes! A nice combo! :yummy: (if emoticon doesn't work then a thumbsup !!)

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