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Each to their own....

SEP 16 @ 12:25

by sagraincasa

In ten days time we start to harvest our grapes ,we hope we will be helped by many of our friends  and family who will also bring their children, so I thought I'd do a little  practice and make this chocolate cake.
I need practice because ... if you look on the left part of the website, under categories, you will see that out of  a total of 197 recipes, only 9 are cakes .... unfortunately, I’m not very good at making them.roll

But anyway, to avoid a disaster on the day of the harvest I thought now  is a good time to do the test  of this almond and hazelnut gluten free chocolate cake because,  Nicks mum Jackie and her friend Ida are here for a late relaxing  summer holiday (or so they thought) . BUT I thought  while they are sitting in the shade on the porch sipping a large Gin and tonic  it would be very helpful if they shelled a BIG bag of nuts picked from our almond and hazelnut trees (the main ingredients  of this cake) also I just happened to have 2 pairs of nut crackers....unfortunately Ida  managed to pinch her skin a few times but  she was very brave and only moaned a little  wink.Although chocolate cake may not seem suitable when it could be  35 degrees outside it will give our helpers energy and they will need it.....there are 4 tons of grapes to pick!shocked
The hard work didn’t finish there because I kept reading the weighing scales wrong saying we need more and more ,finally after a couple of hours I got it right and we had the 400 grams needed and just had to remove the skins from the almonds which also was not an easy job to do.
Maybe I should have chosen a Ciambellone ( sponge cake) , I think even a wedding cake would have been easier but of course the real answer is to buy the prepared nuts from the supermarket.......but still we did it. wink
My worse critic Nick , and Jackie and Ida did the tasting and all agreed it was good but they would prefer it served with ice-cream , but I’m not sure if this was because the texture was more like biscuit or was it because the English I know seem to prefer cream or ice-cream with their cake .
Each to their own is I believe the answer to that. thumbsupwave
for the recipe please go to my blog www.sagraincasa.com    grazie

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SEP 16 @ 16:01

by BritFinn

They look so beautiful big_smilewave

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