Jamie Oliver


SEP 16 @ 19:52

by Captain C

2nd attempt, looking better than my first go, the yellow (coconut) ones came out slightly crisper than the red (strawberry)

Still work to do, but I'm getting there thumbsup

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SEP 17 @ 14:02

by runneralps

looks good friend...thumbsup

SEP 17 @ 21:52

by minerva

Very, very good!

(I think you need some reflected white light on the shot to bring out the colours more)

Ps How did they taste? Good?

SEP 20 @ 09:21

by Captain C

They werent bad, I preferred the coconut ones.

Still not crunchy on the outside, but i'm sick of eating them now yikesops:

SEP 28 @ 06:19

by Luvmegrub

I'm finally catching up on some blog posts Captain and I must say yours are inspiring!  You'll be opening a patisserie any day now lol

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