Jamie Oliver


OCT 05 @ 20:12

by Mr Grumpy

Goats' cheese and red onion tarts, cooked by my twelve-year-old son for his mum's birthday.  Advice but no physical intervention from me.  Well done Louis.

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OCT 05 @ 21:04

by MsPablo

Mmmm, he's my kind of culinary genius!big_smile

OCT 05 @ 23:01

by JoyYamDaisy

Congratulations to your 12yo and lucky mum and family!smilethumbsupcool

OCT 06 @ 07:51

by BritFinn

Well done to your son.  The apple didn't fall far from that tree did it!big_smilethumbsup

OCT 06 @ 22:37

by Grandmadamada

shockedthumbsupthumbsupbig_smile bravooooo

MAY 05 @ 12:38

by minerva

Marvellous! Well done, that lad!

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