Jamie Oliver

Cracked black pepper pasta

OCT 05 @ 21:43

by Captain C

used this in a Jamie recipe of parsnip & pancetta pasta, was bloody lovely thumbsup

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OCT 05 @ 21:57

by Grandmadamada

good idea to hang them sothumbsup thanks for sharingbig_smile

OCT 05 @ 22:29

by Kye

Great work capt, just love the hanger toobig_smilewave

OCT 06 @ 08:52

by BritFinn

Some hula shirt yo've got there! lollollol

OCT 06 @ 10:39

by Captain C

I saw that tip on the tv recently thumbsup

It was so hot here on the day I made it, they had dried like a rock in minutes help

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