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Everything looking good

OCT 09 @ 13:38

by cookinlovebird

Getting ready for the "Sandwell Valley Horticultural l Show" we decided to have a goe with our new allotment friends

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OCT 09 @ 16:18

by mummza

The allotment tooks great , you have been working very hard I can see that , fresh picked veg are the tastiest.

(I am still hopfull that my darling gets an allotment one day after he retires , I can sit and instruct him how to garden and may be take the bbq to cook a meal from the veg that he grows.)

OCT 09 @ 19:38

by minerva

Good on you!
It's a double whammy is an allotment.......
......loads of free fresh air & exerise (no gym fees!) & loads of fresh veg (no paying for 'em at the checkout!). It's win-win!

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