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OCT 11 @ 11:48

by sagraincasa

This weekend we celebrated Nick’s birthday. Even though the actual day was Thursday ,he has decided one day is not enough . So , every year he expects birthday privileges for at least 3 day’s ( he has suggested that maybe this should be increased to a week ).shocked

So , on Sunday , the last day of celebration, I made a Birthday cake . Not a traditional Birthday cake ,but a type that in Italy we would eat in the morning.
As I have said I’m not very strong on cakes , but this one seemed to come out the oven looking perfect. The smell was intoxicating. We decided to cut a slice and photograph it right away .
After the photo session ,obviously we decided to try it …. Delicious ! the birthday boy was happy!big_smile
Throughout  the day a little slice of cake was tested again and again and again tongueuke:tongueuke:. By the end of the evening only one slice remained. Nick thought that perhaps this slice should be put aside for the morning. With the celebrations over he would need something to cheer him up .shockedshockedwave
Recipe for the ricotta cheese and chocolate cake on www.sagraincasa.com
grazie wave

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OCT 11 @ 19:44

by MsPablo

Happy Birthday to Nick!  What a lovely cake and beautiful photo.  I could make a meal out of a piece of that cake.

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