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Garden Overhaul Update

OCT 23 @ 03:53

by WheelieFoodChik

Hey, Y'all---
I decided  that it was time for a photo update. Before I explain the collage as per my usual, let me offer this small disclaimer: No, I did NOT create the collage on iPad! (would've been cool if I could have, though... Are ya feelin'me, tech team? LOL). Some iCloud love would be nice for the JOC blogs ...just saying'! Ahem! Anyway...getting to the collage. As you know, after six months of restarts, I planned to overhaul the gardens and set them up the way they were originally meant to be. This collage depicts just that: veggies in the big gardens and herbs in the smaller ones. I've got some classics and some newbies planted, so here they are(newbies will have asterisks next to 'em) :

*Italian Dandelion
Swiss Chard
Mustard Greens
*Lettuce Blend
* Lettuce Duo
(All plants except Lettuce Duo are up)

Silver- New Trellis System Added

*Baby Eggplant
Cherry Tomatoes
Mini Bell Peppers:
(All are up except for Cherry Tomatoes which are a replant)


(Chives, Dill & Thyme have sprouted...slight haze on Chives' sponge, keepin' it on mold watch)


(Sweet) Basil
*Safflower(Grow my own saffron substitute?...yes, please!)


(Curly) Parsley
(Oregano,Parsley& Cilantro have sprouted/beginning to sprout)


Alpine Mignonette
(Takes 3 to 6 weeks, so sprouting will take awhile)


*Black Palm Tree Cabbage(supposedly a Kale-Cabbage hybrid)
*Pak Choi

(Pak Choi is beginning to sprout, the Black Palm Tree has not sprouted yet)

It's a lot...I know. I even got a variety of head cabbage that grows to half the size of a standard head but, I'll hold off on planting it until there is room in one of the big gardens.  I am really excited about this reboot, y'all. It took me three days to clean all of the units, change the lights and filters, and do the replanting(because I'm THAT crazy! LOL)but I am hoping I got it right this time. Why this time, I am even premixing my grow solution instead of adding everything separate like I used to...Now, I can be sure that "everybody" is getting what they need. Also, I added a trellis system(kinda looks like she's wearin' earrings, doesn't it?) to the Silver Aero7 since I planted fruit-bearing plants in it that will need future support. The pics in collage are from yesterday at almost two weeks old for most of the gardens. The Orange and Black gardens got a late start while I selected what to put in them, their contents are about six days old.

In school news, I have gotten my second 100 for my discussion posts in as many weeks...haven't had to use my extended time yet. I have consistently gotten them in a day ahead with responses going in either on time or early. This time, I got the responses in by Friday, so I could afford some free time. This weekend, I'm just chillin' but tomorrow I will probably be looking over stuff for the course project and for Unit 3. Why?Because dang it, I am NOT redoing this course a third time!  So, I plan to get a jump on things where and when I can.

Also, in an interesting twist, I have decided to work on straightening my finances. To start this process, I took the Introduction to Financial Literacy seminar given by my school. Although, I do wish the facilitator had posted those tips to repair credit BEFORE I applied for Capital One Journey card!  I kid you not...tip #1 was: stop using your credit card!  Well, shoot...I'm using mine anyway. It's my first card and I don't plan to go nuts. Suppose I could risk doing stupid crap like using it to buy a TV but I will wait. The point to getting it is to build credit, not destroy it further.

Other things I'm going try and do is budget, balance my checkbook, and save money. I know I'm on benefits and there are caps involved but I found a loophole that will help...don't worry it's legal. Another thing I found out is that we "benefit" people are due for an increase this coming year for 1st time in about 2 years...about dang time! I have already told my Ma that the increase is mine so that she knows not to ask for it. As you can tell, I have a love/hate relationship with the government. I am thankful to be able to get my medical needs taken care of for me but it shouldn't have to cost me an independent life. I have always thought it was messed up that the government has all these programs to help us disabled folks work but then they are ready to penalize us for saving...really! Where was I gonna get the extra education I need TO work...pull it outta my butt?  School ain't cheap and I got a better life waiting which being a Walmart greeter is never gonna help me get...ok?

Well, y'all...I can either be pissed about my lot in life or be ready to change it. I have chosen to be ready and to this end, I signed up for two more school seminars: one for career planning and the other on job searching. This combined with my self-employment and job books the info I got from the Job Accommodation Network and working with a career counselor at school should be WAY more than enough to build my     Plan for Self-Support. I intend to make it reasonable yet impressive, ambitious though not overwhelming so. As I have said before, to cover my bases...I'm building to TWO PASS plans.

Health-wise, I am gonna start over this week. Take all my meds, get back to drinking water again. When doing the shopping list, I will finally stop being "half-tailed" (keeping it clean, but y'all get what I really mean) and actually put ingredients for a few of Jamie's recipes on the list. Poor little "Food Revolution" has been just sitting around atop the small bookcase in my kitchen barely read. I'm surprised that it hasn't jumped off the bookcase snarling at me in a deep voice: COOK WITH ME!!!! LOL (That monster textbook from Harry Potter 3 comes to mind). Maybe it is just my guilt talking because I try to do a lot of good things for my health but I never seem to do them  ALL at the same time. I know "Food Revolution" not a diet book...it is a common sense book and when it comes to eating, I need common sense more than any diet. I have an appointment to get a prescription for new wheelchair Friday but I'm not sure I want to get it yet. Mainly because the next step is getting weighed. I have gotten worse, I don't WANT to know but I know I NEED to know. I feel lighter eventhough I do not look it yet. On the other side, if I do not go get the prescription now, I can't get the wheelchair scale prescription that I intend to ask for either...nor can I find out if my efforts have been working. Oh dilemmas, dilemmas!

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OCT 23 @ 14:20

by MsPablo

What a nice list of plants!  I hope you have lots of success with them.  Your system is wonderful.

OCT 26 @ 05:19

by WheelieFoodChik

@Ms. Pablo: Thanks...now let's hope they "yield" wonderfullythumbsup
I have been checking everything and there doesn't look like there will be many replants this time. Hopefully, I do not jinx myself saying that LOL

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