Jamie Oliver


OCT 23 @ 20:44

by frizz1974

Hi all, just wanted to share this with you all.

The little man requested a chocolate cake with whipped cream filling & chocolate icing & lollies.. so that is what he got.

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OCT 23 @ 20:45

by Grandmadamada

auguri buon compleanno Claytonbig_smilewavewave

OCT 23 @ 22:45

by MsPablo

Happy Birthday to Clayton!  Pretty cake Frizz!

OCT 24 @ 07:49

by BritFinn

You just can't beat a chocolate cake thumbsup

OCT 27 @ 00:51

by Luvmegrub

He looks so grown up now Frizz!  Time to change your avatar pic perhaps?

Happy birthday Clayton.  You are lucky your mum makes such lovely cakes big_smile

OCT 29 @ 22:36

by minerva

A bit late but:

Happy Birthday, BIG Man!

Hope you enjoyed scoffing your cake! wave

OCT 29 @ 23:11

by frizz1974

Thanks for the wishes everyone..

LMG - Nope.. wont ever change it.. was so hard to get the thing in the first place & also Jamie himself said that he loved it & thought Clayton was a little strar so its all a bit precious.
For those that are new we had to wait for a year to get an avatar back in the "good old days" wink

NOV 13 @ 07:00

by Cindy

So Glad Clayton got to have such a good day. I cannot believe he is 8 now. Gosh time has flown.

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