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The last yummy thing from the garden..

NOV 01 @ 10:10

by ninca

The autumn is already here as well as winter, since last week we had seen some snowflakes. It is insanely great feeling jut to take scissors, ladder and basket, climb on it and in a second hold in your hands the perfect sweet fresh grapes! It tastes so much different from the ones you buy in a supermarket. neutral

Well, until next year my garden is gonna rest a little bit and I guess I'll just have to happy with the things I buy!

cheers, N.wave

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NOV 01 @ 11:28

by Grandmadamada

che meravigliabig_smilethumbsupthumbsupthumbsup thanks for sharing, and keep bloggingwinkwave

NOV 01 @ 19:09

by MsPablo

If you grew those, would you mind saying where?  Amazing, just beautiful!

NOV 02 @ 18:45

by ninca

it's in Slovenia. This year the weather was on our side so it really was delicious...it look like this for the first time so I just had to take a moment and memorised on the picture wink

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