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Stuffed vegetables

NOV 01 @ 23:21

by JoyYamDaisy

A late night photo that doesn't quite show how good they looked.  Or smelled!
The stuffing mixture contained:
fried onion, garlic, a little ginger, cooked chick peas slightly mashed, finely grated carrot, cumin, cayenne powder, finely diced semi dried tomatoes, finely diced preserved lemon, soaked (uncooked) rice, S and P, and I added in the flesh I scraped from the zucchini.
I microwaved the eggplant (pricked all over) for a couple of minutes to part cook it, which was a good move.
Next time I will salt and drain the zucchini's before stuffing them as I prefer a drier flesh.
I oiled the pan and put them in, covered it with foil (hooray for foil!) and cooked for 30 minutes, took off the foil, drizzled them with olive oil and cooked another 15 minutes.

Very tasty! :yummy:

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NOV 02 @ 00:16

by Luvmegrub

They look great Joy and the stuffing mixture sounds devine thumbsup  I love the slightly scorched finish, mmmmm.

NOV 02 @ 06:57

by Grandmadamada


NOV 02 @ 11:30

by Birdymum

I wish I could smell those thumbsup they sound so yummy

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