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fresh bread

NOV 02 @ 18:58

by ninca

It was just an awful day today. I woke up in the foggy morning, having some work to do. When I just got ready to cook lunch and went for some potatoes in the basement I saw water...dirty water...lots of dirty water...shockedshockedshocked

It went something terribley wrong about the sewage on the street and basicly everything went to our basement...so for couple of hours we were trying to pump the water out, cleaning... We are ok, the only sad thing is, we lost everything down there - books, couch, closets, clothes, computor, etc...shocked

I was too tired to do anything else, so I baked those delicious rolls, made fruit tea, we all sat down, eat something and forget about the day.

Fresh bread always works..smile

cheers, N.wave

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NOV 02 @ 19:22

by MsPablo

I'm sorry to hear about the flooded basement!  How awful.  I can't believe you baked fresh bread after all that work!  The bread looks delicious.

NOV 02 @ 19:56

by minerva

Bless you love, I'm sorry to hear of the destruction of all your things.
If it's any consolation, new things can be bought.........as long as you are ok, that's all that matters.

NOV 03 @ 04:43

by monikorn

Today is forgotten. Tomorrow is discovering that new and better things awaits for you and your loved ones! Best wishes...

NOV 03 @ 06:53

by BritFinn

Oh that's so awful, we had a flooded basement last winter, from our septic tank.  But luckily we didn't loose everything, I'm so sorry.  But the fact that you then went and baked something so wonder, wow, what an inspirationthumbsup

NOV 03 @ 08:49

by Grandmadamada

your way of facing this hmmhmmhmm adventure is geniale thumbsupthumbsupthumbsup bravaaaaaaaaaaa and the rolls are shiny ........... if everybody could put this into  practice life would be better for us all
wavewave and keep bloggingwink

NOV 03 @ 16:52

by ninca

thanks guys, you are amazing. Nice words work as good as fresh bread..or even bettersmile

BritFinn - sorry for your problems. anyway Im happy we are passed now...just soooo much cleaning is waiting for usyawn btw, how cute jack russell on your picture, I have one too and she is just crazytongue

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