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Pumpkins Galore

NOV 06 @ 13:50

by cookinlovebird

These are a few of our first ever pumpkins on the allotment and we still have a few more little ones growing !!

cookinlovebird big_smile

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NOV 06 @ 13:51

by Grandmadamada

shockedshockedshockedthumbsup I'm far behind you cookin with my cultivationsyikesops:

NOV 08 @ 21:10

by @nGoose1

They look amazing! Do you know anything about Iron Bark squash? Gordon Ramsay uses it, I know very litle about it.

NOV 12 @ 18:14

by cookinlovebird

Never heard of that one before ...but I'll have a look at some mags and let you know Goose1

cookinlovebird wave

NOV 12 @ 19:45

by cookinlovebird

You can see what an Iron Bark Pumpkin looks like if you google ....I have tried to get a picky to show you Goose1...but It hasnt worked I will try again...It looks like a very hard skinned dark green pumpkin with bright orange flesh ( it looks like the skin is in segments just like an orange once peeled) it seems to be smaller than a football with a flat top and bottom.....if you can picture all thiswhistle lollol

cookinlovebird wave

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