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Sunday morning

NOV 07 @ 10:39

by ninca

Yesterday morning was sunny and bright so I decided to postpone vacuuming and cleaning the house and go for a walk to the nearby woods.

The decision could not be better.

Me, my boyfriend and our dog went for a short walk, picked up some mushrooms, took some photos and...throw some tennis balls (yeah, the dog has to have fun too right?smile). From one tree to another, the landscape was becoming nicer and nicer and soon I had more then enough beautiful pictures of autumn gold trees! But the bad thing was, we didn't pay attention where we were going...so we lost. We were waling up and down the sam track and thinking what to do, until finally an elderly women came towards us and point us to the right direction (God bless hersmile)

So short walk became few hours walk, but that's ok...the day was just so perfect!

cheers, N.

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NOV 07 @ 11:06

by Grandmadamada

thanks for sharing I'll never be the elderly woman giving directions because I get lost in other people's house trying to go out opening wardrobe doors yikesops:lolwavewave

NOV 07 @ 17:57

by MsPablo

What a pretty photo!  Glad you got out to enjoy the beauty around you.  I did the same yesterday and again today.  Soon, the trees will be bare . . .

NOV 07 @ 18:05

by ninca

Grand_Masmile...I know exactly what u mean, and u never know what can surprise you behind the door..

MsPablo...I agree, lucky us who have nature at the doorstep smile

NOV 08 @ 11:22

by Madalina_B

thumbsupthumbsupthumbsup smilewave

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