Jamie Oliver

Raspberries...in November!!!!

NOV 07 @ 17:48

by cookinlovebird

I could not believe it they were just there......will pick next time on allotment hopefully tomorrow.....

cookinlovebird big_smile:shockedtongue

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NOV 07 @ 17:56

by MsPablo

wave  Wow, they're gorgeous!

NOV 08 @ 11:35

by Grandmadamada

They make fruits in spring and autumn also in my ortobig_smile

NOV 08 @ 21:08

by @nGoose1

Our local allotment had some, last week. Probably still has. No one was picking them. I meant to do a raid, but forgot.  Yours look very nice!

NOV 12 @ 18:10

by cookinlovebird

Thanks Goose1   Welcome

I had them thursday evening with a creme brule ( my 1st one ever ) and it went beautifully well together ...mmmmmmm

cookinlovebird big_smile  wavewave

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