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Alive and baking!

NOV 13 @ 13:13

by maddimouse

Hallo everyone!

I love cake. Only problem is, whenever I fancy a slice of cake there is none and often I am waaaay too lazy to go and bake one! On the other hand, once the baking-virus takes over I could stay in the kitchen and bake cakes all day. But who would eat them?

I have read about baking in a glass-cakes more than two years ago and bought the right glasses for this kind of baking a while ago. I´ve now tried it for the first time and it´s absolutely fantastic!

You can´t bake EVERY sort of cake, of course. But there are still so many recipes that can be used, and they don´t even need any changes.

You might remember this recipy:

http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/memb … 0cake/2810

I´ve taken this recipy, replaced the lemonjuice with the juice of one orange. There was enough cake mixture for five glasses (350 ml) and I baked the cake(s) with 180°C for about 20 minutes. That´s the only thing, you have to check on them every now and then because the time the cakes need in the oven does of course vary to the time the cake needs as a whole.

I am taking part in a secret Santa-game soon and we´re sending off parcels. I will take this recipy again, I thought of using a bundt cake recipy that uses loads of ground hazelnuts and a recipy for a chocolate-red wine-cake, replacing the red wine with mulled wine to make it more christmassy.

It´s only six weeks to christmas, so I better go baking!


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NOV 13 @ 13:37

by MsPablo

I like the browned edges of the cake best.  That's a nice idea.

NOV 13 @ 14:57

by Grandmadamada

thumbsupthumbsup great coming back maddi hurrahhhhhbig_smile

DEC 12 @ 15:45

by Benedikt Ernst

Es sind zwar nun nicht mal mehr zwei Wochen bis Weihnachten, aber die Küchlein werd' ich trotzdem ausprobieren! big_smile

DEC 26 @ 20:40

by mr spice

Hi Maddi, I missed this great cake mix first time round...I@m not a big sweet-tooth so little portions like this are ideal for methumbsup

hope you had a great Christmas

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