Jamie Oliver

Summer time...unforgetable experience, part 1

NOV 13 @ 18:35

by ninca

You know how summer time is the time when your garden is colorful, tasty, everything smells so good and you can't wait to pick up vegetables and make delicious lunch. yeah, I know the feeling so well, but this year we packed our bags and leave...to unforgetable USA experiencethumbsup

First 9 hours on the plane I was asking myself why I haven't stayed home, next 7 hours of flying I was impatient to see and experience new things. The food on the plane was of course awful, as well as it was on the airport...so hungry as hell we finally land in San Franciscosmile

Unfortunatelly we stayed just few days but more than enough for me. It says something like this in my diary:
- wow, such a friendly city
- wow, such a large breakfasts (how someone can possibly eat so much bacon, eggs, pancakes, toasts..and 1l coffeewink)
- wow, the coldest summer morning evertongue
- wow, Alamo square painted ladies - I didn't wanna think how much it costs to live there, but I do have wild imaginationmrgreen
-wow, Golden gate

yeah...San Francisco was absolutely DREAMY...but this was just a beginningexclaim

cheers, N.wave

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