Jamie Oliver

Plum Marzipan Streusel Cake

NOV 21 @ 23:06

by ddziak

Hello everyone...I have not posted for a long, long time. Some crazy and rather unpleasant things happened, which did not allow me much time and leisure to photograph and post my food. I hope to be back on track now and hopefully post more regularly again.

Already in September, I started being very excited about fall and winter coming. I enjoy summer a lot, but was ready for colder and cozier times. I love fall particularly for the change in food. Going from fresh, light and quick to slow cooked, heavier comfort food is one of my favorite seasonal food experiences.

Even though, we are already going with big steps towards winter, I thought I still post some of my fall dishes. This is a plum Streusel cake with a marzipan filling.

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NOV 22 @ 01:01

by MsPablo

The plum streusel cake sounds fabulous.  Hope all is well with you and yours.

NOV 22 @ 07:17

by Grandmadamada

thumbsupbig_smilewavewave welcome back

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